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Below you’ll find a quick overview of the services we provide for Calgary interms of web design, programming, support and consulting.







Website Design

Calgary Web Design


Calgary web design services

ShebaTech is focused to server Calgary’s local business. With your business needs in mind, we have carefully crafted our web design services to work best for your business. Our design and implementation process, combined with our expertise in web design, will helps you shape your next web project. We don’t just build a website, rather we customize it to your needs. Getting it right the first time will save you money and time.

We at ShebaTech believe that design should always be unique and useful. Making the website colors match a specific pattern is a challenge, but not the only challenge we have to overcome. The challenge with design goes beyond that. To start, Everyone has their own perspective and life experience that shapes our beliefs and thoughts on what is correct and what is not. Everyone intercepts colors and even shades of colors in their own thought and have their own opinions about them.

This challenge is not easy to overcome, but we have managed to have 100% happy clients with every website project we start. We’re successful because we listen first. Not only we listen, we engage our clients throughout the process. If the client thinks that they can just pay us and get a website in few weeks, we explain to them that this is not the correct approach to have a well designed website. What is the correct approach to this design process?

The correct approach is to engage our clients from the very beginning of the design process. Yes, you’ll be meeting with us frequently to iterate over the design of the website. It is really simple, but if we do not know much about your business, processes, clients, suppliers and your culture, we’re going to get it wrong and you will not be happy about the end result. However, if we initially talk about all these metrics from the start, we would have a solid foundation to start the design process.

Lets try to add some useful design aspects to what we just talk about above.
  • info_outlineOur Thoughts

    Every brain is wired differently and therefore interpret design differently.

  • trending_upThe Challange

    Most clients expect a web design company to just do it without an engagement.

  • verified_userThe Solution

    The more we engage our clients and learn about their business, the more satisfied they are with the end product.

Lets add another dimension

You’ll notice that we were able to achieve a design improvement when we added collapsable containers of text and made them look eligant and simple. On the other hand, we didnt talk enough about each of the component. You may actually think that there wasn’t any design improvement and that you prefer the previous style. This is understandable. Brains work differently. I probably have made you more confused that you should, so let me clear things out.

“Web design is striking a balance between design principles and your own goals of having a website.”
– Tarek, Founder at ShebaTech.

What our Founder is trying to really say is that our designers and our clients should engage with each other during the design process to understand what the goals of the website are and who are the viewers and make it easier for them to find and submit any information they are looking for. Once you understand those needs, it is our job to understand our client’s needs and shape all these together into a product.


Calgary Web Design

Programming / Coding Your Design

Unlike design, this part is less tedious on our clients because their engagement with us is almost done. The reason of reduced engagements is at this stage – when the design process is completed – we have a solid understanding of what the client wants to build because we have it prototyped already. Every page of the website needs to be prototyped and finalized before we start coding.

The reason we are so demanding about finishing the design process first is very simple, it is so much easier to change the design in the design process and try out new ideas than it is to do that after coding the website. Of course simple edits such as correcting typos is easy to do after the programming process, but it is not always the case. For example, if we designed titles to have 10 characters and you want to replace that with something that is 20 characters, the text will overlap the container and therefore result in bad design.

The best way to fix these is to talk to the clients about these sort of needs. For example, if the clients wants us to design a page that allows them to add text and modify pictures later on, we would design the page in a way that allows the page to have such capabilities without breaking the design.

We would still need your engagement at the end of the programming process as you’ll be able to see your website as it progresses and you would make the last call to publish the site to your domain name.

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