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Calgary WordPress Training

Do you want to learn WordPress? Good news, ShebaTech is offering a service for everyone and anyone who wants to learn WordPress framework at your own learning pace. You do not need any previous experience in programming or design.

Special hourly rates if you sign up in the first week of the new year of 2017. $40/h

If you have “learning something new” as your new years resolution, this would be perfect because you will learn how to run your own website by yourself without requiring a web design service which is usually expensive to start with.

What you want to learn in WordPress is totally up to you, we can get a geeky with it as you prefer. If you want to learn how to setup WordPress databases, hosting and other technical things required to get WordPress running, we can do that.

If you just want to learn how to manage your WordPress site without the technical knowledge, that is also an option. I can do the technical setup and you can start training when the setup is completed.

Why learn WordPress?

The best answer is why not, but that doesn’t cut it. WordPress is an open source platform that allows people to install the system either on their computer or a server to setup a business/personal website and be able to edit it without any need to write code. If you’re feeling entrepreneurial in 2017, this is a good start. You’ll learn how to manage your website and reduce your IT costs. Additionally, if you’re planning to sell your stuff online, WordPress is a good choice for that.

For more information, you can contact us directly at 4038908700 or

Web site design and device percentages

web site design

I just wanted to talk about website design and devices used by consumers. ShebaTech has started some marketing campaigns within half a day, I am quite shocked by the finding. I will come back to update this blog-post shortly after I have enough data to report, but just looking at half a day, makes me surprised.

My Adword Express campaign is receiving much of it’s audience from smartphones at 95% and 5% from tables. Desktop computers are almost out of the equation. Are they dead? Am still using one, but I have to admit I use my phone more.

When I started the campaign, I had in mind that I want to target business people, so my expectations are that business people are sitting on desks, the way I left them 2 years ago. It looks like they’re now more mobile and it has become easier for them to just use their smartphones for quick searches and perhaps more complicated ones, too.

I will revisit this post with more solid details, but for now, stay tuned and follow us on Social media. You’ll find links below.

SEO Chat

SEO is very important for business that rely on Search Engines like Google to generate new leads. SEO is very complicated and requires a deep understanding on how Search engines work. So, lets consider an example, you have a website, it talks about a black breed of cats. If you have lots of content about the subject matter “black breed of cats” and your site adheres to SEO best practices, you are likely to have a good SEO rank and would show in the first few spots of the search engine. But, it is not as easy as that.

Google revealed 3 public metrics that website owners can do to improve their SEO, I’ll share two and leave you with a link to the full SEO guide. The first one is location. So, if you’re in Calgary, AB and you search for a restaurant, it would show you the closest restaurant to you because you’re more likely to visit the closest location of that restaurant.

The second metric is your online establishment. Are you using social media sites? Do you have Google+ account? Do you post videos on Youtube? If you’re active on these and others Google will rank you higher. There are many other things to consider, but you can read the Google guide to have a better understanding of what is required.

Custom Design vs Ready Template

Custom Design websites are website that are crafted according to the client’s needs and wants. On the other hand, ready templates are design templates that work a certain way regardless of the client’s needs and wants.

To make this easier to understand, consider a house. If the house is already built, it is really hard/expensive to customize it after it is built. On the other hand, prior to building, you can customize the design blueprints as you wish. Same goes for the website.

Custom design sites have the ability to incorporate any functionality the client is looking to implement. Design prototypes are built and revisited to shape the overall look and feel of the new site.

Once design is completed, we do not usually go back to redesign, we go to implement it. When we start implementing the design, it will take from 2 to 4 weeks to code the website for you.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably debating weather you should consider a WordPress website. In summary, if you need a website that you can modify at any given time, WordPress is an ideal solution for that.

WordPress has a rich environment with a lot of support and components (themes and plugins). Although WordPress is easy to setup, it maybe daunting for you to setup if you do not have a technical background. If you have technical background and know how to setup databases and run the WordPress install, great you’ll like WordPress. Some hosting providers offer a one-click WordPress install.

Now, if you are a business and you decided to launch a Website, we do not recommend you try to do it yourself. Having a great website requires lots of pieces to be put together to get you what you’re trying to accomplish. One click installs are also fast, but sometimes they’re not the best solution.

ShebaTech has many years of experience in website design, programming and search engine optimizations. At ShebaTech we start by designing because this process brings all the pieces of the puzzles on the table and makes the process much easier.