WordPress Overview

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably debating weather you should consider a WordPress website. In summary, if you need a website that you can modify at any given time, WordPress is an ideal solution for that.

WordPress has a rich environment with a lot of support and components (themes and plugins). Although WordPress is easy to setup, it maybe daunting for you to setup if you do not have a technical background. If you have technical background and know how to setup databases and run the WordPress install, great you’ll like WordPress. Some hosting providers offer a one-click WordPress install.

Now, if you are a business and you decided to launch a Website, we do not recommend you try to do it yourself. Having a great website requires lots of pieces to be put together to get you what you’re trying to accomplish. One click installs are also fast, but sometimes they’re not the best solution.

ShebaTech has many years of experience in website design, programming and search engine optimizations. At ShebaTech we start by designing because this process brings all the pieces of the puzzles on the table and makes the process much easier.