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Web site design and device percentages

web site design

I just wanted to talk about website design and devices used by consumers. ShebaTech has started some marketing campaigns within half a day, I am quite shocked by the finding. I will come back to update this blog-post shortly after I have enough data to report, but just looking at half a day, makes me surprised.

My Adword Express campaign is receiving much of it’s audience from smartphones at 95% and 5% from tables. Desktop computers are almost out of the equation. Are they dead? Am still using one, but I have to admit I use my phone more.

When I started the campaign, I had in mind that I want to target business people, so my expectations are that business people are sitting on desks, the way I left them 2 years ago. It looks like they’re now more mobile and it has become easier for them to just use their smartphones for quick searches and perhaps more complicated ones, too.

I will revisit this post with more solid details, but for now, stay tuned and follow us on Social media. You’ll find links below.